The needs of this community are specific; in addition to the traumas they may have experienced in their military service, many are also victims of abuse. The Women Warriors Curriculum offers workshops to discuss how women veterans may experience stress and offers techniques to build resilience. Using Rebirth film media and guided conversations, participants learn practical self-assessment and self-care in the company of fellow women veterans. The film content and related resiliency building concepts are shared as an element of afternoon and evening workshops. These cognitive lessons are enhanced by the exertion and experience of different forms of adventure therapy.

Only when you push yourself, only when you’re slightly uncomfortable can you grow. It’s by doing those difficult things that seem impossible at the very beginning that make you a stronger human being.
— Sarah Cudd
Nothing grows in your comfort zone. It’s time to get uncomfortable. I know I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone this week, both physically and mentally/emotionally. I also know I’ve grown because of it. I hope you all have had as rewarding of a time this week as I have. And that you’ve experienced some growth in any of the discomfort you’ve experienced.
— Paula Lubbe
These women are some of the most loyal and patriotic soldiers I’ve ever met and yet they are dealing with tremendous betrayal, grief and loss. The curriculum that I created has a theoretical framework and experiential learning, mindfulness and resilience training focus. We are truly creating a battle buddies framework, and this curriculum can be easily adopted by any community, organization, and can be molded to fit both female and male participants.
— Christine Norton

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Women Warriors Curriculum Summer 2016