Project Rebirth offers a workshop to educate Fire, Police and US Military leaders on the less-obvious AND often overlooked signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. There is an urgent need to help our nation's heroes who are silently suffering from PTSD. We find that even 2-3 years after a traumatic event the First Responder or Veteran will continue to suffer in silence. Our workshop offers a safe and productive environment in which to have that suffering recognized and effectively addressed.

The Project Rebirth: Post Traumatic Stress Awareness Training is designed to increase awareness of both the obvious and subtle signs of PTSD and Depression. We utilize Brian Lyons' REBIRTH short film to show post-traumatic growth as a form of resilience as well as hope, positive perspective, and having a sense of purpose. Organizations that have used our workshop, such as the Kansas National Guard and Red Team Iowa, report increased ability to recognize and help individuals within their ranks and communities who are battling trauma. By better understanding the nuances surrounding signs and symptoms of PTSD, these leaders are better equipped to address PTSD challenges before they lead to problems at work and at home.

The Rebirth Resilience Workshop: Basics for PTSD

This is a way for us to continue our mission of keeping 9/11 relevant and alive. We will help Military members recognize what PTSD looks like and when they need to get involved.
— Aaron Leonard, Executive Director, Project Rebirth
We are excited to have Project Rebirth here because they are taking our current Army resilience program in a newer direction. Seeing something new helps keep it fresh and motivating.”
— First Sgt. Jared Worley, Resilience Operations Center of Kansas (ROCK)
The resiliency retreat by Project Rebirth was very motivating! We are accomplishing our goals and moving forward in every aspect. The retreat is officially an annual event now, for Red Team! Every month, one of our goals is to have a team building event, and this one is by FAR the best one yet.
— Red Team Iowa