Building on the success of both our earlier collaborations with First Responder communities and our current programs for Active Duty Military and Veterans, Project Rebirth is developing a series of programs, curriculum models and tools that will help First Responders recognize and deal with the challenges they face in their vitally important work.

Project Rebirth has created film content that is included in the New York City Police Nypd's cadet training curriculum and has spearheaded a collaboration between the Arlington County Fire Department and the Kansas National Guard in which they co-created a Resilience Handbook with Resilience Operations Center of Kansas that can be utilized by both Active Duty Military and First Responders. We are now poised to increase our role in developing psychological and emotional resilience in the First Responders community.

First Responders Resilience Network

The First Responder Resilience Network will teach first responders how traumatic experiences can affect them and help their departments become more resilient. We are working to develop and share the tools and resources to assist them. We will be reaching out to fire department leaders across the country to help them understand the importance of implementing programs that build resilience in their departments.
— Arlington County Fire Department Chief (Ret.), Robert Gray
All of this is like pouring water into a glass. You might be OK for a while, but if enough water is poured in, it’s going to spill over. For others, the glass never fills up and we finish our careers without effect. Some walk off the job never to return. Some find themselves heavily medicated or in counseling. But the worse part: Some of our colleagues are so impacted by what they have seen that they take their own life.
— Suicides among Fire & EMS Professionals,